Dr. Sholes and his staff are friendly and make sure you feel comfortable at every appointment. From 6 weeks to delivery at 39 weeks, I felt so taken care of.

Obstetric Care

Our office offers compassionate and personalized care for all of our obstetric patients. Dr. Sholes and his staff believe that you should feel comfortable with your obstetrician throughout your entire pregnancy. We also believe you should be familiar with the face that will be delivering your new bundle of joy. For that reason, Dr. Sholes strives to provide unparalleled personal care and support at every office visit during your pregnancy. He is readily available at the time of delivery and delivers well over 95% of our patients. Please see a comprehensive overview of our obstetric care below.

Your First Visit

At your first obstetric visit Dr. Sholes and his staff complete a comprehensive initial obstetrical evaluation. Our office will also provide you with information to address all questions, concerns, and pregnancy management options.


Our office completes ultrasound scans during your first, second, and third trimester of pregnancy. We offer the latest 3D and 4D ultrasound technology for all of our patients.

Genetic Screening

Our office offers non-invasive genetic screening for your baby as early as the first trimester.

Maternal Screening

Our office works with each patient throughout their pregnancy to monitor the health of your baby and yourself. Dr. Sholes will order the necessary lab work based on individual needs throughout your pregnancy.


Dr. Sholes is able to deliver your baby at either Piedmont Athens Regional or St. Mary’s Hospital. Dr. Sholes is readily available at the time of your delivery and has delivered well over 95% of our patients.