Top 3 Reasons to have NovaSure before 2016

You’re over your Period

You’ve had it with your period, P.M.S, and all of the fun things that go along with that – headaches, bloating, cravings, cramps, mood swings, etc. Endometrial Ablation (NovaSure) is a procedure that treats and can even eliminate periods and PMS symptoms without the need for a hysterectomy. NovaSure is a 90-second, minimally invasive procedure performed in-office and has a short recovery time. Most women are back at work the next day.

Your family is complete

No matter how big or small your family is if you’re looking for a better quality of life, NovaSure might be right for you. While NovaSure by itself does not guarantee you won’t get pregnant, when combined with a permanent birth control method, you could no longer have periods and have a natural barrier against pregnancy. Why deal with a monthly cycle if you don’t want to have any more kids?

You’ve met your deductible for 2015

It’s mid-Fall and you’ve met your deductible with all of those medical expenses that really add up once you get to the end of the year. NovaSure is covered by most health insurance plans, so your out-of-pocket expense would be very minimal – in some cases, it would only cost the co-pay for your office visit. Call The Sholes Center and let us help you!

For more information about NovaSure, or to schedule an appointment, contact The Sholes Center, your Athens OBGYN at 706-286-8692.